Do you have an Airbnb, VRBO, Corportate Rental or Holiday Rental? We work with any size budget and take care of everything from the largest piece of furniture to the smallest detail......including bath soap! We create a beautiful rental for your guests and visitors.




We want to visit with you in person and get to know what you are looking for.  This consultation is the very first thing that we do to ensure success for you and us.


An in person consultation includes:

  • a look if possible at the space(s) 
  • a conversation about your goals and project timeframe
  • some initial thoughts on what we could do
  • an explanation of our process


 What you'll get:

  • a written estimate tailored to your Rental needs:
    • what we're going to do
    • what we may need to buy
    • what we need from you


How much will this cost?

  • Our consultation is $150



Types: Rental with Client's Existing Furnished Space or Rental with Clients Unfurnitured Space


Once the consultation is completed and you've decided to move forward with us, we will:

  • send you our agreement to sign and we can agree the best schedule for you 


Once the type of project is picked, we will :

  • bring any additional purchased items
  • involve you in the decision-making process during the editing stage if needed
  • work our magic


After completion of project, we will:

  • walk you through what we've done
  • make sure that you are 100% happy with our work 



Due to the uniqueness of each Rental project prices will vary but we will be transparent and always up-front with you. 


Now What? 

 Click here to begin or go to the "Where to Start" icon and fill out the new client information form to begin the process.